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5000 Paschall Ave., Philadelphia, PA U.S.A. 19143
Phone: (800) 445-6680   |   Fax: (215) 724-8706

Web site:http://www.coversports.com
Email address: sales@coversports.com
Company Description: Humphrys-CoverSports is one of the oldest continuously manufacturing companies in the United States, providing durable protection for gymnasiums and athletic fields.

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Product Line:

  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Base & Plate Covers
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Baseline Cover
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Mound Cover
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Padding, Outfield Wall
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Pitcher's Mound Pad
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Plate Cover
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Tarps
  • Floor Covers: Mats, Gymnastics
  • Floor Covers: Mats, Non-Slip Floor
  • Floor Covers: Mats, Wrestling
  • Floor Covers: Protective Covers
  • Floor Covers: Reel Systems, Covers
  • Football Facilities: Down Markers
  • Football Facilities: Goal Post Padding
  • Gym Wall Padding
  • Sidelines: Sideline Tarps
  • Surfaces: Martial Arts Mats
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Field Covers
  • Tennis Facilities: Tennis Windscreens
  • Windscreens

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