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Pro-Tec Athletics

18080 NE 68th St., Ste A150, Redmond, WA U.S.A. 98052
Phone: (800) 779-3372; (425) 497-0887   |   Fax: (425) 497-9223

Web site:http://www.pro-tecathletics.com
Email address: info@pro-tecathletics.com
Company Description: Pro-Tec Athletics is a leading sports medicine company specializing in orthopedic supports, hot/cold therapy, and massage therapy products. Most products include injury guides, which provide strengthening exercises to expedite the recovery process. In 2015, the company will maintain the highest levels of innovation, execution, and customer service to impart the knowledge and tools needed for athletes to recover rapidly and safely.

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Product Line:

  • Ankle Protection: Achilles Straps
  • Ankle Protection: ankle braces
  • Ankle Protection: Wraps
  • Braces: Ankle
  • Braces: Elbow Braces
  • Braces: Groin
  • Braces: Groin/Hip Braces
  • Braces: Knee
  • Braces: Shoulder
  • Braces: Tennis Elbow
  • Braces: Thigh
  • Braces: Wrist
  • Braces: Wrist & Thumb
  • Cold & Heat: Cold Compression Wrap
  • Cold & Heat: Cold Packs, Reusable
  • Cold & Heat: Cold Sprays
  • Cold & Heat: Cryotherapy
  • Cold & Heat: Hot Packs
  • Fitness/Performance Testing: Stretching Aids, Lower-Body
  • Fitness/Performance Testing: Stretching Aids, Upper-Body
  • Foot Protection: Arch Cushions/Supports
  • Foot Protection: Blister Kits
  • Foot Protection: Foot Injury Aids
  • Knee Protection: Braces, Functional
  • Knee Protection: Braces, Orthopedic
  • Knee Protection: Patellar Support
  • Knee Protection: Sleeves
  • Knee Protection: Straps
  • Knee Protection: Supports
  • Pain Relievers: Injury RecoveryAids
  • Rehabilitation Equipment, Therapeutic: Kinesiology Tape
  • Rehabilitation Equipment, Therapeutic: Massage Therapy Products
  • Splints: Leg
  • Supports: Ankle Wraps
  • Supports: Back
  • Supports: Elbow
  • Supports: Groin Braces
  • Supports: Hand/Wrist
  • Supports: Knee
  • Supports: Knee Braces
  • Supports: Tennis Elbow Braces
  • Supports: Thigh Braces
  • Supports: Upper Arm
  • Supports: Wrist Braces
  • Wraps: Compression
  • Wraps: Elbow
  • Wraps: Shoulder
  • Wraps

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