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Jaypro Sports

976 Hartford Tpke., Waterford, CT U.S.A. 06385
Phone: (800) 243-0533; (860) 447-3001   |   Fax: (800) 988-3363

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Company Description: Jaypro Sports is a leading authority for institutional sports equipment and athletic field/facility solutions. We excel at engineering and providing peak performance equipment for athletic facilities across the United States and Canada. Designed to perform and manufactured to last, we offer a complete line of best in brand sports equipment for baseball, softball, basketball, football, soccer, volleyball and more.

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Product Line:

  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Backstops
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Bases & Plates
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Batting Tunnels
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Cages
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Foul Poles
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Mound Cover
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Padding, Outfield Wall
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Portable Pitching Mounds
  • Baseball/Softball Facilities: Practice Nets
  • Basketball Facilities: Backboard Padding
  • Basketball Facilities: Backboard Standards
  • Basketball Facilities: Backboards, Portable
  • Basketball Facilities: Backboards, Stationary
  • Basketball Facilities: Goal Systems
  • Basketball Facilities: Rims, Breakaway
  • Basketball Facilities: Rims, Fixed
  • Carts, Equipment Storage
  • Equipment Storage Systems
  • Field Hockey Equipment
  • Football Equipment: Chutes
  • Football Equipment: Kicking Nets
  • Football Equipment: Sleds
  • Football Facilities: Goal Post Padding
  • Football Facilities: Goal Posts
  • Gym Dividers
  • Gym Wall Padding
  • Lacrosse Equipment
  • Locker Room Equipment: Benches
  • Motorized Netting Systems
  • Outdoor Basketball Goals
  • Portable Scoring & Press Tables
  • Recreational Equipment: Badminton
  • Recreational Equipment: Floor Hockey
  • Scoreboard Systems: Permanent Scoreboards
  • Scoreboard Systems: Portable Scoreboards
  • Seating: Bleachers, Mobile
  • Seating: Bleachers, Portable
  • Seating: Cushions & Backing
  • Seating: Cushions & Backing
  • Seating: Logo Chairs
  • Soccer Facilities: Goals
  • Soccer Facilities: Nets
  • Soccer Facilities: Posts & Flags
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Drag Mats
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Field Covers
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Field Markers
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Line-Marking Machines
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Paint
  • Surfaces, Natural Turf: Stencils
  • Tennis Facilities: Nets & Posts
  • Volleyball Equipment: Volleyball Net Systems
  • Volleyball Equipment: Volleyball Nets
  • Volleyball Equipment: Volleyball Padding
  • Volleyball Equipment: Volleyball Posts
  • Volleyball Equipment: Volleyball Training Equipment

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