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Rogers Athletic Co.

3760 W. Ludington Dr., Farwell, MI 48617
Phone: (800) 248-0270   |   Fax: (888) 549-9659

Web site:http://www.RogersAthletic.com
Email address: info@rogersathletic.com
Company Description: Rogers understands that champions are made long before the games begin. The company is committed to manufacturing strength training equipment that promotes proper technique and is designed with safety in mind. Get strong with Rogers Athletic.

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Product Line:

  • Barbells
  • Bars: Power Bars
  • Carts, Equipment Storage
  • Dumbbells
  • Exercise Bands
  • Exercise Systems, Multi-Station
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Abdominal
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Arm & Shoulder
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Back
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Chest
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Football Sled Trainers
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Hip
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Leg & Knee
  • Exercise Systems, Single Station: Neck
  • Football Equipment: Chutes
  • Football Equipment: Dummies
  • Football Equipment: Football Reaction Device
  • Football Equipment: Kicking Nets
  • Football Equipment: Shields
  • Football Equipment: Sleds
  • Football Equipment: Step-Overs
  • Football Facilities: Down Markers
  • Football Facilities: Goal Post Padding
  • Football Facilities: Goal Posts
  • Free Weight Accessories: Bar Pads
  • Free Weight Equipment: Abdominal Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Chinning Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Decline & Incline Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Dip Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Forearm Strengthening Equipment
  • Free Weight Equipment: Free Weight Leg Press
  • Free Weight Equipment: Horizontal Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Rubber Weight Plates
  • Free Weight Equipment: Squat Racks
  • Free Weight Equipment: Standard Weight Plates
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Equipment for the Disabled
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Racks
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight-Training Aids
  • Free Weights
  • Hydration: Portable Drinking Systems
  • Kettlebells
  • Portable Scoring & Press Tables
  • Resistance Equipment: Pulley Devices
  • Resistance Equipment: Rubber Bands
  • Resistance Equipment: Sleds
  • Scoreboard Systems: Scoreboards, Portable
  • Sidelines: Sideline Misters
  • Speed Accessories: Cones
  • Treadmills

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