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Samson Equipment, Inc.

2901 N. Armory Road, Las Cruces, NM U.S.A. 88007
Phone: (800) 4-SAMSON; (575) 523-1238   |   Fax: (575) 523-2100

Web site:http://www.samsonequipment.com
Email address: scott@samsonequipment.com
Company Description: Since 1976, Samson has designed, manufactured, and sold heavy-duty, built for strength, weight training equipment. The company's clients include top professional teams, colleges, and high schools as well as government agencies, health clubs, and homes all over the world. Being a factory-direct manufacturer, Samson is able to make any product a custom order. Many of its unique product designs stemmed directly from end-users themselves. No other weight training manufacturer on the market today performs as much custom work as Samson Equipment.

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Product Line:

  • Barbells
  • Bars: Cable-Attached Bars
  • Bars: Curling bars
  • Bars: Olympic Bars
  • Bars: Power Bars
  • Bars: Specialty Bars
  • Bars: Standard Weight Bars
  • Bicycles, Stationary: Recumbent
  • Bicycles, Stationary: Standard
  • Dumbbells
  • Dumbbells: Pro-Style
  • Exercise Systems, Multi-Station
  • Flooring: Platforms
  • Flooring: Weight Room Flooring
  • Free Weight Accessories: Ab Straps
  • Free Weight Accessories: Bar Pads
  • Free Weight Accessories: Belts
  • Free Weight Accessories: Chalk
  • Free Weight Accessories: Dip Belt
  • Free Weight Accessories: Gloves
  • Free Weight Accessories: Hand Grip
  • Free Weight Accessories: Harnesses
  • Free Weight Accessories: Head Harness
  • Free Weight Accessories: Motivation Boards
  • Free Weight Accessories: Shoes
  • Free Weight Accessories: Straps
  • Free Weight Accessories: Tricep Rope
  • Free Weight Accessories: Weightlifting Wrist Strap
  • Free Weight Accessories: Wraps
  • Free Weight Equipment: Abdominal Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Chinning Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Decline & Incline Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Dip Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Forearm Strengthening Equipment
  • Free Weight Equipment: Free Weight Leg Press
  • Free Weight Equipment: Horizontal Benches
  • Free Weight Equipment: Rubber Weight Plates
  • Free Weight Equipment: Squat Racks
  • Free Weight Equipment: Standard Weight Plates
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Bars
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Equipment for the Disabled
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight Racks
  • Free Weight Equipment: Weight-Training Aids
  • Free Weights
  • Step-Climbing Machines
  • Tables: Taping
  • Treadmills

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